I am at a Starbucks and a guy just started hitting on me, eh, it happens. BUT THEN he was trying to tell me that all women are a mystery. I proceeded to tell him that maybe if he stopped treating women as one amorphous blob of mystery maybe he wouldn’t be so mystified by women. He did not receive this well. However, the conversation continued and then when he tried to insist that all men have penises I said no, and then the saddest and funniest thing happened.

HIM: Wait, are you a Feminist?

ME: Yes.

HIM: (Obviously back peddling) OH, oh, now I see..where you are getting.. your thinking. Alright. Goodbye.






I redesigned the cover of Zombicorns as well as adding a back cover and interior spread.I have always loved books in bound form a little bit more than digital or what have you and I wanted to put a copy of Zombicorns on my shelf along with my other John Green books.

Stay tuned for when I actually get around to binding the book.

Gosh, the interior pattern is BEAUTIFUL.

The guns! The corn! The skyline! Now I feel like I should turn it in to an actual novel.

This post keeps disappearing off my blog.